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Analogbook, 3.8x5.5

Analogbook, 3.8x5.5" for 135 Film Photographers Record exposure/subject data[BDWCBX] FREE POSTAGE


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A dedicated booklet for recording all of the pertinent data when working with film, this Analogbook 135 Format Notebook is a sleek means for noting and organizing exposure and shooting information. Created for photographers working with 35mm format film, this customized 64-page notebook contains 15 rolls worth of templates for jotting shooting data frame-by-frame and roll-by-roll. In addition to the templated pages, the notebook also includes several pages of blank paper for making additional notes, drawings, or diagrams, and the interior covers are lined with useful photographic tips, charts, and tables for easy reference.
The notebook's 3.8 x 5.5" dimensions make it a convenient size for carrying in your pocket or camera bag, or storing in 4 x 5" film archival sleeves for safe storage. Each booklet is printed using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper, and the back cover serves double-duty as an 18% reflectance gray card for exposure metering.
Dedicated notebook for recording exposure information, as well as camera, lens, weather, and other data, to aid during the processing of the film or for learning and refining one's process.
This notebook is specifically designed for 35mm format film photographers, and contains enough templates to record data for 15 rolls of film.
Each templated page has been customized to suit the format and to allow you to accurately record your photographic process frame-by-frame.
The interior covers include helpful photographic tips, charts, and tables for reference, with room for you to add your own personal hints or reminders.
The notebook measures 3.8 x 5.5", making it well-suited for carrying in a pocket or bag while shooting and for storing in standard-sized 4 x 5" film sleeves once filled up.
The back cover doubles as an 18% reflectance gray card to aid in accurate exposure metering.
Beyond the templated pages, several blank pages are also included for additional notes, diagrams, or drawings.
Using a sustainable printing process, the notebook is printed using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper.
Neatly Record Exposure & Shooting Info
For 35mm Format Film Photographers
Record Data for 15 Rolls of Film
Customized Templates
64 Pages, 3.8 x 5.5"
Blank Pages for Additional Notes
Photo Tips and Charts on Inside Covers
18% Reflectance Gray Back Cover
100% Recycled Paper Stock
Printed Using Vegetable-Based Inks