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ADOX Enclosed Ring Binder box for Film negative sleeve pages - All Sizes.


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Archival ring binder made from stable polypropylene, for storing negatives, contact sheets, and prints (in protective sleeves). Closed on all sides for extra protection against dust. Semi-transparent gray material. 

Binders you receive may have some light scuff marks on the back and front outer covers, as the manufacturer doesn't wrap them in anything and the scuffing occurs in transit to Australia from the EU.

The ring binder is oversized, so that our largest ADOFILE negative sheets as well as 24x30cm contact sheets fit inside it.

Capacity: ca. 150 filled negative pages.
Measurements: 33,5 x 6 x 31,5 cm.

Standard DIN 4 ring closure.

Does not include any files!

Take note that this item is bulky but light, requiring a 5kg satchel to fit one or two binders plus packing material.