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Photo Book Portfolio, Fotospeed Easy Books, Black Cloth, Various Sizes


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Easy Books
Easybooks are the perfect way to preserve your special occasions or create professional presentations and portfolios with our range of versatile hard cover photo albums.
Simply fold back the cover and insert your images. Once you release the covers the spring loaded spine securley grips the paper. As there are no additional tools or glueing required you can quickly and simply replace any pages any time.
* Quick and easy to use, no additional equipment needed.
* Use for presentations, portfolios, gifts and much more.
* No glueing means Easybooks can be used over and over again.
* Add or swap prints any time
* Suitable for all paper types and imaging processes.
* Available in a variety of finishes and sizes.
Please note that the images displayed are representative of the range of easy books, your item may vary slightly from the image.