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Compard Digibase C-41 500ml Color Negative Film Premixed Full 4 Part Developer Kit[OFF]


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The Compard Digibase C41 Developer kit is ready to use, just dispense, heat and go, or can be used at ambient temperatures between 20-46 degrees C with time adjustment, no need for a tempering bath.
The kit is supplied by the manufacturer without a stabiliser, but it is recommended to preserve the film against fading and mold over time. Stabiliser is included with Film Bloke kits, making it a 4 part kit.
The three component parts of the kit, developer, bleach and fix, are Pre-diluted in 500ml softpacks which are ready for immediate use and come in a unique air-tight pack. This extends the life of the chemicals and means they can be re-used in multiple developing sessions when the air is squeezed out before resealing.
Each pack will process up to a total of 14x 35mm x 36 exposure colour negative films with good practices.
Processing can take place at any temperature between 20 and 46 degrees Celsius, making this the most versatile C41 processing kit ever.
Here is a link to the data sheet for this product if you wish to know more.