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Daylight Bulk Film Loader,  35mm Bulk Film Loader Various Brands

Daylight Bulk Film Loader, for 35mm. LLYODS Legacy-pro, American design.


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Lloyds Legacy Pro from FS Distribution, California.
Allows you to load your film on to blank cassettes. In the dark, place bulk film inside loader, then wind film on to cassettes in the light. Uses up to 100' bulk rolls. Use metal or plastic cassettes. 9 simple steps to reloading your own cassettes and saving money.
Lightweight and easy to use
Economical and convenient
Accurate frame counter, allows you to make 12, 24, or 36 frame cassettes as you prefer.Detailed illustrated instructions included.
Keeps film dustproof and scratch free
Look on our site for 35mm film available in bulk rolls of 100 feet or 30.5 metres
Reload your old film cassettes or look on our site for new, blank 35mm cassettes.