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ColorTone Colour Photographic Printing Paper 8x10

ColorTone Colour Photographic Wet Printing Paper 8x10" Glossy x 50 sheets RA-4 Process[BDWC]


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This 50 sheet box of 8 x 10 Glossy finish RA-4 Process Colortone Colour Paper from MultiTone is a resin coated printing paper designed with a wide latitude that makes it an excellent choice for large quantity printing assignments. The wide latitude combined with its strong reciprocity characteristics minimize the need for extensive color correction and varying exposure times. The tone is neutral and the paper will exhibit excellent color reproduction. It is processed with traditional RA-4 or equivalent processes.
Specially arranged R/G/B sensitivity works with all commonly used light sources of modern automatic printers and printing equipment
Excellent color reproduction
Wider exposure latitude contributes to the higher output
The reciprocity factor of this paper cuts down on color correction and adjustment of printing times
The paper should be kept in the intact original package in dry, cool, ammonia-free, hydro sulfuric gas-free and radiation-free places, with the storage temperature below 70° and the relative humidity below 65%. The product can be kept valid for two years under stipulated storage conditions

Resin Coated Base / Fast Drying
Neutral Tone Gradation
Wide Exposure Latitude
Excellent Reciprocity Characteristics
Requires Minimal Exposure Corrections
RA-4 Processing