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Paterson 3 Reel Super System 4 universal Film tank (No Reels) holds 3x35/2x120 films

Paterson 3 Reel Super System 4 universal Film developing tank (No Reels) holds 3x35/2x120 films


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The 3 Reel Paterson Super System 4  Tank will hold 3 x 35mm films or 2x120/220 format roll films (REELS NOT SUPPLIED) and is constructed from high-impact polystyrene that stands up to high volume use. This tank has no hidden parts, and is always easy to keep clean.

The Super System 4 Tanks are durable, easy to use, and provide consistent, even film development.

They feature a unique snap-in light trapping funnel for quick filling and emptying, to ensure even development and precise processing times.

Super System 4 Tanks offer a choice of agitation methods; use inversion agitation,  rotary agitation with the removable agitator rod supplied, or a combination of both.

    The thoughtful design of Super System 4 includes a funnel which locks in place to keep reels secure. And as an extra safety feature, the cap cannot be locked if the funnel is improperly seated.

    Chemicals pour without splash, and solution quantities are permanently indicated on the bottom of every tank.

    All parts are interchangeable.

    The Super System 4 is simpler to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than any other tank.

A large diameter one piece lid and funnel which clips into place positively and securely, enabling the tank to be filled and emptied quickly. 
The tank is supplied with upper lid, inner funnel lid, centre guide and agitating stick.
Please note, reels are available separately if required, there is a choice of two types, 
Reels are available in the store separately, either the AP/Arista Easy Feed Reel, or the Standard Paterson Self Feed Reel.