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Paterson PTP381 Certified Colour Film Thermometer, 12

Paterson PTP381 Certified Colour Film Thermometer, 12" 15-65C accurate to 0.14C


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Paterson 12" Certified Color Thermometer (Temperature Range 15°C to 65°C/60-150F) Sent to you packed in a thick strong tube, freight company proof!
The Paterson Color Thermometer is designed for color processing due to its accuracy of 0.14 degrees, but can be used for all photographic processes.
This glass spirit thermometer is 12" (30cm) long, and has dual temperature scales from 15°C to 65°C and
from 60°F to 130°F.
Accurate to + 0.14°C (+ 0.25°F); Recommended for all color processes.

We also have a Thermometer holder/protector to stop the thermometer rolling off your bench and also to hang it off the side of the dev tray in a fixed position. Have a look at it here: