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5010541 Kodak HC-110 fast B&W film developer 1L

5010541 Kodak HC-110 fast B&W film developer 1litre concentrate


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Kodak HC-110 is a fast-working black and white developer for negative film. HC 110 was developed for press photographers. 

These days it is very popular with large-format photographers because it allows control over the negative contrast. HC-110 is very flexible and economical.

Kodak HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black and white films, some graphic arts films and some glass plates.


  • Extremely versatile
  • For normal or push processing
  • Liquid
  • Dilutions vary, see data sheet, Dilution B 1:31 is most common
  • 1L will make 32L (8.45 gallons) of working solution (Dilution B)
  • We supply copy of Kodak data sheet with each bottle.
Link to the Data Sheet: