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1678279 Ilford FP4 B&W sheet film 4x5

1678279 Ilford FP4 B&W sheet film 4x5 inch 25 sheet pack Fresh 2019 stock


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Ilford FP4 sheet film 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm) 25 sheets b&w

sheet film

ISO speed: 125

Sensitivity: panchromatic

Film base: polyester (PE)

Sheet film format (cm): 10.2x12.7cm

Sheet film format (inch): 4x5

No. of sheets : 25

Area of application: general use, copying / internegative, indoor, outdoor, scientific, technical, industrial, varying lighting conditions

Ilford FP4 Plus is an exceptionally fine grain, medium-speed black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 125/22°. The film has high acutance with a wide exposure latitude. It is ideally suited for all demanding indoor and outdoor shots. FP4 Plus is a robust classic among the black and white films, which even exhibits decent results when underexposed or overexposed..