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Archival Glassine film negative sleeve pages Large Format 4x5 inch sheet, 20x4 frames[BKD]

Archival Glassine negative sleeve pages for 4 x 5 inch Format. 20 pak 4 frames/ sheet[BKD]


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Glassine sleeve pages for archiving large format sheet film negatives 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm). Glassine is a paper based product. The high level of transparency is achieved by a special mechanical treatment called calendaring. Our glassine sleeves are made of acid- and lignin-free photo glassine. The main advantage of glassine over acetate is the ability to allow any moisture which may find its way in to evaporate again, because glassine can breathe. This generally makes glassine sheets more suitable for archiving than acetate.
• 20 sheets, each holds 4 negatives.
• Overall sheet size: 25x31.5 cm
• Each pocket measures: 11x13.5 cm

4 Frames per sheet with backing to each sheet.