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Foma Retro Special  B&w Negative Developer to make 1L

Foma Retro Special B&w Negative Developer to make 1L[BDR]


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Foma Special Retro B&W Negative Developer is a special, two-component, metol-hydroquinone black and white negative developer in powder form that is dissolved in warm water, then filled up again with a litre of water, so that you can process Retropan 320 soft and other roll/perforated/sheet negative films.


One package of the powder developer Retro Special Developer designed for one litre of a working solution is sufficient to develop 1,3 sqm of film material – following amount of sheet films: 25 sheets of 8x10 inches, minimum of 50 sheets of 5x7 inches, 100 sheets of 4x5 inches; further e.g. 36 m of perforated film of width 35 mm or 25 pcs of 135-36 film

Preparation of working solution
The content of the smaller and then of the bigger bag is dissolved in 700 ml of warm water
(40°C) and the solution is filled up with water to the final volume of 1 litre