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Film Developing Starter Kit Tank Reels Chemicals Thermometer f B&W

Black & White Film Developing Starter Kit 35mm or 120 Format Film. Paterson Tank & 2 Reels, Chemicals, Thermometer, Measuring Cylinder,Instructions & Free roll of 35mm film.


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This kit includes the quality basic hardware and black and white chemicals you need to start developing your own black and white or colour films. (only black and white chemicals in kit)
The kit contains:
  • Paterson System 4 film tank with two reels adjustable for 35mm or 120 roll film.One free roll of 35mm B&W film included.
  • Accurate mercury free thermometer with protective case.
  • 25 ml measuring cylinder, has graduations to 0.5ml.
  • 100 ml of  RODINAL  One Shot film developer.
  • 100 ml of ADOFIX Fixer 
  • 50ml of ADOFLO wetting agent
  • 100ml bottle of odour free Stop Bath
  • Sample 35mm film strip to practice loading reels with.
  • Operating manual for Paterson tank.
  • Instructions on how to develop B&W film.
  • Data sheets and Developing chart for all chemicals.
You can develop 10 black and white films with this kit before you need to reorder chemistry. A chem refill kit is available.
If you have no darkroom or room you can totally black out, you may need a film change bag, also usually available in our store.
The following items are assumed to be in your house already:
A Dark room to spool the film (alternatively buy a film change bag)
timer with minute and seconds, kitchen timer or smartphone works fine.
pair of scissors
Clothes pegs to hang the film for drying
x 600ml jugs for developer, stop bath and fixer.
Here's a little blog I wrote on the subject of first time film processing, I hope it helps you out.