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2x Rollei RPX 120, 400iso Black and White Roll Film[BDR]


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Rollei RPX 400 is a traditional high-speed black and white film. This film is ideal for a wide range of photographic and scientific applications. Rollei RPX 400 is an excellent choice for available light situations and whenever you are facing limited light conditions but need excellent photographic results.
  • Product information Rollei RPX 400 roll film 120

    Product type (b&w/color): b&w
    Film type: Roll film/ medium format film
    ISO speed: 400
    Sensitivity: panchromatic
    Film base: triacetate
    Roll film format: 120
    Area of application: Indoor, outdoor, general use


    • suitable for indoor and outdoor shots 
    • fine grain. - great sharpness 
    • broad exposure latitude 
    • rich tonal range with good contrast 
    • compatible with most standard developers 
    • panchromatically sensitized 
    • sensitized from 380 to 660 nm at 2.850K