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2x Rollei RPX 100 ISO 120, 4 B&W Negative Roll Film

2x Rollei RPX 100 ISO 120, 4 B&W Negative Roll Film[BDR]


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Rollei/Agfa's RPX 100 is a medium speed black and white negative film for producing prints using a traditional black and white printing process. 
The film exhibits a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° and standard development in black and white chemistry yields a fine grain texture with high sharpness and a wide tonal range. 
Panchromatic B&W Negative Film,ISO 100/21° in Standard Process, Fine Grain and High Sharpness, Broad Tonal Range and Contrast
The film also features a broad exposure latitude, making it well-suited to push and pull development. This film is well-suited to use in general indoor and outdoor conditions and is panchromatic sensitized from 380-660nm at 2850K.