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81040123  Rollei Infrared 400 135x36 B&W Negative film

81040123 2x Rollei Infrared 400 135x36 B&W Negative film[BDR]


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IR-Sensitive Panchromatic B&W Neg. Film
ISO 400/27° without Filtration
Infrared Sensitivity Up to 820nm
Very Wide Exposure Latitude
Fine Grain and Sharpness, Good Contrast
Halation Effects with Longer Exposures
Ideal for Scanning Applications
Archival LE-500-Rated Polyester Base
Anti-Static and Anti-Curl Coatings

Rollei/Agfa's Infrared 400 is a unique infrared-sensitized panchromatic black and white negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° without filtration. It is sensitive to IR wavelengths up to 820nm and can be used to produce unique halation effects with filtration and by varying the exposure length. It is suitable for working in both daylight and tungsten conditions and is characterized by a fine grain structure, notable sharpness, and high resolving power. Additionally, a good contrast profile offers clear separation between shadow and highlight regions. The film's polyester base has been tested to an LE-500 (life expectancy 500 years) archival rating and also features anti-curling and anti-static coatings, as well as a special coating to promote smooth film transportation within the camera. Additionally, this clear base is particularly well-suited to scanning application