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Rollei Vintage 332RC B&W Photo Paper Variable Grade Matte

20x 24x30.5mm Rollei Vintage 332RC B&W Photo Paper Variable Grade Matte[FR]


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Rollei Vintage 332 RC is a variable-contrast black and white photo enlarging paper with a smooth, matte finish on a RC base with a warm image tone. 
This paper successfully combines modern emulsion technology with a classic, proven RC base. 
The paper is ideal for fine art photography and whenever a warm look is desired. The multi-contrast paper has a warm image tone and a high speed. 
Rollei Vintage papers are characterized above all by good contrast resolution in the highlights. Prints are often successful on the first attempt, so these papers are fully recommended for beginners and hobbyists. 
Having said that, the most ambitious hobbyists and professional photographers will also enjoy using these papers. As a result of the developing substances incorporated into the film, Rolle Vintage has very short exposure and development times. 
A high-quality, high-speed all-round paper which is equally suited to both tray and machine development. The contrast range extends from extra-soft to ultra-hard and can be controlled by using contrast filters during exposure. Rollei Vintage RC warmtone papers are available in two different finishes: Vintage 331 = glossy Vintage 332 = matte
Product information Rollei Vintage 332 RC warmtone matt 9.5x12" (24x30.5cm) 20 sheets
Product type (b&w/color): b&w
Paper base: resin coated (RC)
Surface: matt
Surface color: warmtone
Contrast: variable
Paper size (cm): 24x30,5cm
Paper size (inch): 9.5x12
No. of sheets: 20