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200127 1x Rollei Rera Pan100 127 format B&W Negative Film

200127 1x Rollei Rera Pan100 127 format B&W Negative Film[BDR]


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Designed for 127-format vintage film cameras, this roll of ReraPan 100 Black and White Negative Film is a medium speed film for producing prints using a traditional black and white printing process. It exhibits a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° and standard development in black and white chemistry yields a fine grain texture with even tonality. Nearly a forgotten format, this film offers a unique ability to once again work with 127-size film cameras to produce 4 x 4cm and 4 x 6.5cm-sized negatives.
This film is highly sensitive to ambient light and should be loaded and unloaded in subdued light. It is rolled onto plastic spools.
Developing times: 
ISO 100, Rodinal, 1+25, 9 Min., 20°C.
ISO 100, Microphen, Stock, 9 Min., 20°C. 
ISO 100, D-76, Stock, 9 Min., 20°C.
Can be used for Primo Jr., Yashica 44, Kodak Brownie Bullet, Baby Rolleiflex, Komaflex, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Walz Automat, Minolta Miniflex, etc.