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AP6C1360, Agfa CT Precisa 100 135X36 Colour Slide Reversal Film

AP6C1360, 1x Agfa CT Precisa 100 135X36 Colour Slide Reversal Film[FR]


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Daylight-Balance Color Slide/Reversal Transparency Film
ISO 100/21° in E-6/AP 44 Process
Faithful, Natural Color Reproduction
High Sharpness and Fine Grain
Maintained Detail Rendition
AgfaPhoto CTprecisa 100 Color Transparency Film is daylight-balanced and exhibits natural color reproduction along with a fine grain structure to render imagery cleanly and clearly. It has a medium-speed nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° when processed in E-6 or AP 44 processes. This film's neutral color balance, along with high sharpness, make it ideally suited for use in everyday conditions, including both bright sunlight and full shade conditions.