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2x Kentmere 400 35mm 36ex Film, Black and White

2x Kentmere 400 35mm 36ex Film, Black and White


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Kentmere 400 is a high-speed black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°. It is suitable for an extensive range of photographic applications. Capable of generating high-quality images in available light situations. Important product features:
• suitable for indoor and outdoor shots
• fine grain
• excellent sharpness
• broad exposure latitude
• rich tonal range with good contrast
• compatible with most standard developers
• panchromatically sensitized
• sensitized from 380 to 660 nm at 2.850K


Product information Kentmere 400 35mm 36 exposures
Product type (b&w/color): b&w
Film type: 35mm pocket film
ISO speed: 400
Sensitivity: panchromatic
No. of exposures: 36
Film base: triacetate
Area of application: Indoor, outdoor, good lighting conditions