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1x Rollei CR200 120 Medium Format Colour Reversal Slide Film


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Aussie Stock, Rollei Chrome CR 200 is an excellent color slide film in the style of the old Agfa RSX II 200, with rich, warm colors and subtle contrasts. This film is excellent for those who prefer warm colors. Rollei Chrome CR 200 is suitable for a variety of applications. It yields particularly good results in daylight. When cross developed (C-41 process), this film yields images with a wonderful green tint at nominal sensitivity. CR 200 is coated onto a polyester base with great long-term stability.

Product information Rollei CR 200 PRO roll film 120
Product type (b&w/color): color
Film type: Roll film/ medium format film
ISO speed: 200
Film base: polyester (PE)
Roll film format: 120
Area of application: Fine Art, sports, photojournalism, industrial, scanning

Features and applications:
• excellent sharpness
• high color saturation
• accurate gray balance
• excellent processing stability
• E6 reversal processing
• excellent form and long-term stability