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1x PourMaxx 1L Film Chemical Jug/Beaker Graduate for Darkroom - Made in Australia


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Made in Australia.

These are not some cheap Chinese plastic jugs, they are the worlds best measuring jug!

Great pouring control, will not drip, strong handle, raised and accurate measuring graduations, non-spilling and manufactured from chemical  resistant polypropylene. 

Patented design means excellent control
Our patented dual purpose non-drip spout is designed to allow controlled pouring of thin or thick liquids from a dribble to bulk filling.

High chemical resistance
Made from food grade polypropylene, all products in the PourMaxx range are resistant to most agricultural, industrial and commercial chemicals in use today.

Easy and safe to hold
Our patented ergonomic handle is comfortable and gives real pouring control. The handles open design allows a gloved hand to carry a full jug with confidence and safety.

The Film Bloke

I can personally vouch for these, I've used nothing else for years, the best measuring jug made and it's Australia Made.